A Guide to Cryptocurrency Investment Strategies

A Guide to Cryptocurrency Investment Strategies

As you read stories about how some of the world’s greatest business empires got started, you get a glimpse of what can happen when opportunity meets ambition. While some conglomerates were built during the gold rush era, others came about with the advent of fossil fuels, innovative ideas that materialized into the railway system and the steam engine. These opportunities continue to spread their wings today, and all you need to is to fly away with one or two of them to the peak. The digital currency market offers one such opportunity. All you need to do is to spark your interest by reading a guide to cryptocurrency investment strategies.


Get a Reliable Trade Platform

Whenever one starts a business, he or she must consider the nature of the entity in mind. It is also prudent to think of the kind of people that the enterprise needs to take off and break even. In the case of cryptocurrency investment, you need to choose the right trading platform. Avoid little known online digital currency platforms and go for one that has been tried and tested in terms of security and user-friendly features. The online platform you choose should be easy to load and navigate as it should also have a wealth of regularly updated information on the industry.

Do Your Homework

Decide whether you want to be a speculative digital currency investor or if you want to carry on with whatever is already in the market. Note that many speculative investors keep a watchful eye on initial coin offerings or ICOs for short. In this case, you have to delve deep and learn more about the ICO. This means knowing the team behind the digital currency’s development as well as the marketing hype that it commands. You have to know that a digital currency brand will be popular before you invest as the prices go up as more people that to it as a viable business opportunity.

Account Set Up

Getting a cryptocurrency account can be as simple as signing up for a new e-mail account. Enter truthful details about yourself since inaccurate personal information can create problems when least expected. For example, if you need to give your date of birth or the name of your favorite pet to reactivate the account for some reason, you may not remember the information you gave earlier on.


Note that these accounts have everything that you need to run a successful cryptocurrency trade. You can, for instance, buy or sell digital currency just like you can upload the amount of money that you may want to convert into cryptocurrency at a click of your mouse. Keep your eyes on the digital currency market trends to take advantage of any opportunities that may arise.

Set a Budget

Now that you have all the information that you need to roll out your investment plan and the trading platform that you wish to use, it is time to draw a budget. Note the amount of money that you are willing to invest and do not take any risks that may occur lightly. This may mean having a budget that enclave several investments moves in different platforms or digital currencies.…

Beginner’s Guide to Initial Coin Offering

Beginner’s Guide to Initial Coin Offering

As a starter in matters relating to finance, it is crucial to understand the basics. Most people indulge without any knowledge and end up failing. Finance is a broad area of specialization since it applies to almost everything. But let’s shift our focus on the trending financial matters; initial coin offering (ICO). It has taken the world by storm in the last few years with 2017 being the climax so far. Thanks to Internet and technology, people can now conduct their transactions online. As a beginner specifically in ICO, this is how you can learn more:

What is ICO?

ICOThe system uses cryptocurrency to conduct the crowdfunding from any point around the globe. Its main focus is to support business startups. It comes in the form of token sales which we can refer to as the ICO in this case. The cryptocurrency involved in any of these transactions may include, karma coin, Etherium and the popular Bitcoin. According to experts, it is estimated that more ICO transactions will be conducted at the time goes by.

If you wonder what ICO is all about, then this publication will help. Just like the initial public offering or IPO which publicly sells the shares of a company to the public, the ICO also shares the works in the same manner. It focuses on selling tokens on projects and businesses using the digital currencies.

Laws that guide ICO

Various reports indicate that ICO is not legal in some states like South Korea as well as China. However, it is required to adhere to local laws of any state to avoid regulations and banning. Different jurisdictions will indicate its own guidelines which makes it a tough yet rewarding venture. For it to be legal and allowed companies must not use this as securities in their business as the law does not recognize it. The most prominent challenge is a limitation in legal protection to the companies selling tokens and the buyers of the same.

Benefits of ICO

  • A significant investment – As much as it is a risk, the people who fund the projects hopes that after the completion, their tokens will add value. From the previous records, most of the people who bought the tokens through Bitcoins have ripped fruits. Both the projects and the bitcoin values have gone up.
  • Possible appreciation – In 2014, the first ICO was launched and it used Ethereal. Reports and records show that the people who bought the tokens of this project are still enjoying. The project is a continued success and gives hope to others who want to venture into the investment. Due to the increased demand, there is a great chance of appreciation of any ICO project and investor involves themselves in.
  • Global investment – Unlike local investments which occur in the same locality one is, ICO gives investors an opportunity to explore the world digitally. You can buy the ICO tokens from any part of the globe with ease whenever it is open.


With the above information, beginners can simply understand more about the ICO and get a simple start to invest. Seeking more information from reliable sites will give further insights.…